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Know Your Camera

The first step to using a digital camera is simply turning the device on. Most cameras have a small on button located somewhere on the side of the camera. If you don't see your camera's on button, read your manufacturer's instructions. They should explain how to find the on button.
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Best Settings for Your Camera

Simply put, the aperture is the opening of the camera lens, which affects the amount of light that passes through the lens to the sensor. For this reason, this camera setting has a direct impact on the exposure of the image, and it’s critical to the depth of field, sharpness, and final look of the image. The maximum and minimum aperture is determined by a number popularly known as F-stop value, which follows a sequence like this (The smaller the number, the larger the aperture and vice versa):
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Photography Tips

Whenever I think of a useful photography tip, I always write it down for later. Most of them are forgettable, but a few are so important that I try to tell them to as many photographers as possible. This article contains 20 of the best. These bite-sized photography tips are easy to understand, covering everything from beginner camera technique to creativity and composition. If you’re learning photography, this list offers some wisdom you may find helpful along the way.
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